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About Bob's Pool & Spa

Bob's Pool & Spa

We are a swimming pool and spa contracting company that provides swimming pool and spa sales, service, and repair, in Santa Rosa, Sonoma & Marin Counties

"Bob's Pool & Spa proudly offers custom pools, in-ground spas, pool and spa repair, and much more. Since 1988 we have grown to include swimming pool construction, remodels, designs, and support for all types of pools and spas. We provide our services mostly to residential and commercial swimming pool clients, performing construction, repairs, and services throughout Santa Rosa, Sonoma & Marin Counties.

Company Mission:

We strive to give quality customer service to our customers. From finding the right parts, to building a dream backyard, or just finding the problem, we always keep our clients best interests in mind...

Services we offer:

  • Custom Pools - Designs, Installations, and Consulting
  • Custom Spa Installations - In Deck Spas, In Ground Spa, Portable Spas
  • Pool Remodels - Equipment Sets, Pool Controls, Replumbing, Solar Systems
  • Commercial & Residential Pool & Spa Repairs
  • Weekly Pool Service - Reasonable Rates - Just Whats Needed
  • Sales of pool related products like pool filters, pumps, heaters, pool parts
  • Sales of portable spa related equipment like spa pumps, heaters, spa parts
  • Pool covers and spa Covers for any pool or spa
  • Anything related to pools and spas, we can do!

Business Size:

By dealing with a smaller business like "Bob's Pool & Spa", you will receive the quality personal assistance you expect from a swimming pool & spa professional. You get personalized service, from the owner. The fact is we don't have a shopping cart. We don't need a shopping cart. We want to help you make the right purchase. We want to inform you on the right products to buy, and then you can shop anywhere you like. At least you will be informed on pools and spas. By dealing with a smaller family sized business, you will receive the customer service your expecting.

Company History:

Bob's Pool & Spa has been a swimming pool and spa products and service company operating in Sonoma & Marin county, California, providing quality and professional service and repairs for the aquatic industry, since 1985. With experience in all phases of the pool and spa industry, we can provide the exact services you need, from a simple spa leak to a new backyard!

License Classifications, Qualifications, Awards...:

C-53 Swimming Pool Construction Contractor:

"A swimming pool contractor constructs swimming pools, spas or hot tubs, including installation of solar heating equipment using those trades or skills necessary for such construction".
(832.53 CCR)

C46 - Solar - Swimming Pool:

"A solar contractor installs, modifies, maintains, and repairs active solar energy systems. An active solar energy system consists of components which are thermally isolated from the living space for collection of solar energy and transfer of thermal energy to provide electricity and/or heating and cooling of air or water. A licensee classified in this section shall not undertake or perform building or construction trades, crafts or skills, except when required to install active solar energy systems". (832.46 CCR)

C-61/D-35 Pool and Spa Maintenance:

"A pool and spa maintenance contractor installs, replaces or repairs pool motors, pumps, filters, gas heaters and any above ground piping in connection with pools; includes electrical switches, breakers, pool lights, diving boards, existing solar systems that heat pools, pool and spa acid baths and applies vinyl liners to existing surfaces."
(832.61/D35 CCR)

With over 25 years of experience, Bob's Pool and Spa has been providing professional pool & spa services to both residential and commercial pool owners throughout Sonoma & Marin Counties.

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