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Where did all the water go?

Water loss in a pool wastes water, increases energy costs, chemical costs, maintenace expenses, and increase maintenance problems, as well as being a hassle to deal with. Some of the best methods of leak detection are very simple, and can be performed by the average pool owner. Please read the following tips and advice, and decide if you need to hire a professional to locate and repair your leak.

Step 1 - Discovery

Most of the following questions need to be answered before proceeding to step 2...

  • Is there an actual leak, or is there another explanation for where the water has gone?
  • How fast is the water leaking
  • Is the leak continous or intermittent?
  • Is the leak apparent if the equipment is turned off for a week?
  • Is there water at the equipment pad
  • Is there an automatic refill device (Auto fill...) connected to the pool?